2017-2018 Children's Choir Registration
The graded children's choir program is open to students in K5-10th grade whose parents regularly attend Grace Immanuel Bible Church.

1st graders need to be seven years old to register for Junior Choir.
9th graders and older are eligible to interview for the adult choir.

Pre-Choir: K5-6
Junior Choir: 1st-3rd grade (Melanie Lynch, director)
Intermediate Choir: 4th-6th grade, unchanged voices (Robin Campbell, director)
Youth Choir: 7th-10th grade, changing voices (Dan Kreider, director)

NOTE: If you have a child participating in one of the children's choirs, you'll be asked to join the parent volunteer rotation. Your only role is to be present as a second adult in the room, which is a legal requirement.
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Choir rehearses every Sunday evening, 6:30-7:30, except for special evening services as notified by the directors (usually just baptisms and communion services). Each choir also sings several times each semester in the morning or evening services, and in other church settings, like the widows' luncheon or Sunday morning fellowship groups. 

All choir members are expected to attend rehearsal regularly. If your child is unable to attend, please let your director know.

Parents will be asked to serve in a rotation as a second adult in the room during the rehearsal time.

Parents, please enter your name in the space below to commit for the school year. Thank you!

Thank you for registering for children's choir!
Contact Dan Kreider with any questions:

cell: 561-348-4438
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